Damn, I really don't want to get out of bed, but at least I can reach my guitar
Hmm, is the C#m chord on the low E or A string?
I think that Starbucks coffee sounds better than Dunkin this morning
I want to watch an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Ugh, I need to dye my roots again soon
I'm bored of my lockscreen
Why do I keep seeing the commerical where Tom Brady is a Tesla?
I really need to clean my desk today
During this time of year, I see so few clouds
Handsome squidward
My right hand is dominent
Breathe in, breathe out
The temperature in my room is fairly comfortable
My mother loves me
Hat foreward or backwards today?
My dog's tongue sticking out of my mouth
A mouthful of tictacs
My fingers feel so dry and rough
Why are barre chords so damn difficult?
Love Story by Taylor swift
The scarlet Solo Pre Amp
Where is my tablature book?
Wearing oven mits on my feet as socks when I sleep
Why is that leaf starting to turn yellow? Too much water?
I still have the home button on my phone
I need to find a tree stump soon
Brian's birthday is on Sunday
The Starry Night interactive museum in DC
Cleaning a mirror with soapy water or rubbing alcohol
Songs from when I was in girlscouts
An alocsia polly
That old man who drew a picture of me in a coffee shop
Are my avocado's still good?
The gap in between her teeth
Buying tickets to go see Bon Iver
Acrons drawn on a postage stamp
That thread needs to be cut
Finally, I have a second to practice
Hmm, I don't know how to do this in garage band
Yes! Omg that was such a good run-through
Where did I put my pick?
Em, G, Gm, F#, A
Sitting in Arby's with my Gramma and Daughtry plays overhead
Facetime with my dad
The shirt sticking out of my drawer preventing it ffomr closing all the way
Missing AppleTV cable
Is Brittney free?
Those smiley fries from Johnny Rockets